Page – About this blog

I take an interest in a wide range of areas and blog mostly about stuff that has recently happened in my personal world or has inspired me in some way.

I enjoy writing haikus, satirical limericks and verse, but occasionally more serious poetry arrives and tumbles out

I like a lot of different live music, particularly folk/acoustic and much that is now considered classic rock. I don’t generally attend commercial festivals, but there are a couple of smaller non-profit festivals I go to regularly where there are often unknowns who steal the show. I enjoy doing gig and festival reports and writing about my favourite musicians. Pretty much all of my blogs will have a musical offering that is pertinant to the piece.

I enjoy creative writing, either to a set theme or to my own themes. Much of my fictional writing will likely involve ‘eeyorn the space donkey’, a character I came up with many years ago whilst blogging on myspace. He’s a friendly donkey from the planet Equus who was sent to Earth on a reconnaisance trip to see if the planet was ready to join the Galactic Federation, and he’d really like to go home soon. He is of course often mistaken for the AA Milne character and plotlines are often quite surreal, hopefully in the style of Douglas Adams, AA Milne, Robert Rankin and Terry Pratchett.

I take a keen interest in World politics and expect to write some social comment pieces and the occasional rant. Finally, I intend to write some factual based pieces about various scientific, technological and ecological issues.

I’m also a lover of nature and take a lot of photos, particularly of sunrises and sunsets, and interesting cloud formations. I also like to blog about green issues.

I do try to tag all my pieces of writing – please let me know if there are any tags missing or misleading.


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