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I am an ageing would be hippie and consider myself a citizen of the world. My close family consider me a hopeless idealist and basket case, and its true, I have lived with mental illness – deep seated PTSD in my case, for most of my life since early childhood.

I am a dreamer, a writer and blogger, a lazy musician(guitar and violin). A father and son, a brother and uncle, a computer whizz and demon bridge player and I’ve been involved with all kinds of Traditional English Morris and Sword groups for most of my adult life.

More recently I have become a Carer, and that has very much influenced both my personal life and world-view. I’m a Green Party activist and lover of Gaia

Born in New Cross, South London, we moved to Stevenage New Town in Herts in 1958, where I grew up. In 1973 I headed off to Norwich to read Chemistry at the University of East Anglia. Alas, I didnt get past my first year, but liked the city so much that I and my 1st wife lived there for a few years before returning to Stevenage where I started my career in IT as a mainframe computer programmer.

I worked in IT for the next 25 years, and my career included 4 year spells of living and working in Manama, Bahrain, a small island in the Arab Gulf close to the Eastern Saudi coast, Newark, Delaware, Eastern USA and Letterkenny, Co.Donegal in the NW of the Irish republic.

Before my wife joined me in Bahrain, she moved our English base to the village of Bures, in Suffolk, to be close to her Mum who was beginning to get a little frail.

Sadly, my 1st marriage broke down, partly as a result of the Bahrain assignment and shortly after I returned to the UK, I moved out to Colchester in Essex, where I have lived on and off ever since.

I met my second wife at a Barn dance in Colchester in 1992. I was part of the team of Morris Dancers who did a floor spot during the mid-evening break. My future step-daughter was so taken by our performance that she insisted that she and her mum came along to our practise sessions on Sunday mornings, after which we would retire to the local pub and socialise. We got married in 1997, and my wife and stepdaughter came out to the States with me shortly after, and then onto Ireland before returning to the UK in 2003

On my return to the UK from Ireland in 2003, the jobs market for my skills was very limited and I eventually starting working at the local Sainsbury superstore for 5 years. Towards the end of this period, my mental health deteriorated and following a period of counselling, I moved out of the marital home and never returned.

A couple of years later, I moved out to a small village called Draganovo in Bulgaria for an idyllic year with a new partner, a Scottish born Bulgarian resident. Sadly, the relationship foundered, this time due to my partner’s mental health issues and she asked me to leave.

I returned to Stevenage in 2010 where I lived with and cared for my severely arthritic father until his death in 2012. I then started work as a Carer at a local Care Home, working primarily with the elderly and dementia sufferers.

I returned to Colchester in 2014 and have continued working as a Dementia Carer.

A pic of me taken in 2012

A pic of me taken in 2012

My cartoon avatar

A cartoon avatar


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