Page – About eeyorn

My younger stepdaughter from my 2nd marriage gave me the nickname ‘eeyorn’ after I encouraged her to start reading the works of A.A.Milne. She was severely dyslexic when I first got together with her mum. Eeyore has always been my favourite character from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, so it was a natural leap for her to rename me. My real name is Ian.

I think I’ve always had a natural affinity for donkeys and share many of their characteristics, and eeyore’s character fits me to a tee.

Plus, there were times, when living in a strongly feminist household with 3 women – my wife and 2 stepdaughters who all suffered with very bad PMS, when I could get a tad grumpy and stubborn.

Having made that first step, my step-daughter realised that the rest of the family were also strangely similar to the Pooh characters, and promptly renamed herself Wabbit, mainly because she loves bunnies. Her mum was renamed Tigg-errrrrr because she was a fairly manic woman at the best of times. Her elder sister and surrogate mum became Kanga, though she later renamed herself Squibbel, as she likes squirrels but was always quibbling with her younger sister. Squibbel is not a character in the Pooh books, but probably should have been 🙂

Fortunately, my ‘grumpy old man’ phase ended about 10 years ago and nowadays I’m much happier, while my cynicism has only deepened over the years. But the wonderful thing with old age is that as you acquire all the wisdom that a long life gives you, there is a much greater feeling of tolerance and acceptance for the world as it is, and your own part in it. And yet there is a much greater desire and ability to play your part in shaping the world for the better.



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