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One comment

  1. Opher · June 15, 2015

    Hi Ian,
    Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope you are all good.

    I am nominating you for three awards:

    The three awards are:
    The Liebster Award

    The Premio Dardos Award

    The Dragons Loyalty Award

    And this is what you have to do if you accept:

    1. Display the awards on your homepage (I still haven’t worked out how you do this).
    2. Thank the person who nominated you on your blog (that could be me)
    3. Circulate links to their (my) site on your blog with a reason why they should visit
    4. Write eleven points of interest about yourself
    5. Nominate 11 other blogs for one or other or all of the awards.

    That’s it!

    I hope you accept because you and your blog are great. I’m missing your comments!!




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