eeyorns unified field theory of thermodynamics, life, the universe and everything

Since my return to regular paid employment I’ve found I’ve been sleeping much better, particularly since this week, when a lot of what I have been learning has started to ‘click’ and come naturally to me. I’m beginning to feel confident in my new role and its been much less fraught this week. I’m lucky that the 3 older members of the telephonists team like to work evenings and graveyard shifts, and both have shown me lots and explained them well. And Laura, one of the younger members of the team is effectively buddying me whenever we work together. She’s indifferent to my pleas of encroaching senility as reasonable grounds for not ‘getting it’ and can be a hard yet very necessary in my case, taskmaster, and I thank her for her continued efforts on my behalf.

Anyway, what with all the sleep I’ve come to the following conclusions. I hope you may find them helpful:

All things exist as part of a circle or waveform of some kind
Evolution/reincarnation is the passage through the dimensions
A large number of present day man and womankind are beginning to or have already moved into a new dimension. If we consider the last era to be the human age, consider this new dimension to be centred on the astral

I suspect that Nicolai Tesla may have said something unintelligible about waves, circles and energy. If so, I agree with him!!!

And finally, my favourite from HH the Dalai Lama

In love and cookery, be reckless and brave!!!

David Bowie: Oh!!! You Pretty things


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