A Leavetaking – 10 songs for the end of the world as we know it

As the US economy heads over the cliff, and the Hegemony does its best to convince us to go to war against ISIS, Russia or Korea – in fact anywhere so long as its ailing Arms industry doesnt flatline……this series of songs came to me earlier today. All songs of leavetaking, most with the underlying theme of war and its dreadful consequences

1. Pleasant and Delightful – Shirley and Dolly Collins

Shirley and Dolly in all their glory singing the glorious Copper Family anthem. Taken from the magnificent ‘Anthems in Eden’ album


2. A Sailors Life – Fairport Convention

Fairport’s tour-de-force seminal folk-rock opus


3. The Banks of the Nile – Fotheringay

Sandy Denny’s second great folk-rock statement


4. Sloth – Fairport Convention

Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick’s magnificent collaboration and contribution to the anti-war ouvre


5. The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin

Sandy Denny’s collaboration with Robert Plant and LZ. I found this lovely re-evocation of the track from a Page+Plant tour, featuring Najma Akhtar


6. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Eric Bogle and John Monroe

Eric’s fine tribute inspired by the Anzac Day Parade


7.  A Reason for it all – Eric Bogle and John Monroe

Another fine song from Eric inspired by the discovery a woman in Sydney who had died 12 months before being found


8. River – Joni Mitchell

The standout track from another magnificent album


9. Farewell, Farewell – Fairport Convention

A new song by Richard Thompson written in the style of a trad folk song and set to the tune of the song Willie O’ Winsbury. Another evocative and beautiful vocal from Sandy Denny.


10. Meet on the Ledge – Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson’s classic anthem to absent friends


Bonus tracks:

11. Walking on a Wire – Richard and Linda Thompson


12. Vincent Black Lightning 1952 – Richard Thompson


13. Vincent – Don McLean


14. Way Back in the 1960’s – Incredible String Band


15. Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan


16. The Same Old Rock – Roy Harper and Jimmy Page


17. Death Don’t Have No Mercy in this Land – Revd Gary Davis


and a final one suggested by my  good friends Opher and Zouk, which really should be in the Top 10

18. When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease – Roy Harper



One comment

  1. Opher · August 29, 2015

    Yes – love this!! What about cricketer though? That’s definitely my funeral song!! I think that fits the scenario you describe! Good one Ian!


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