Hill Billie Blues


I’ve had one of the most gruesome weeks its ever been my fate to witness recently. Basically I took on the role of Project Manager of a think-tank set up to come up with ideas to revive my online bridge club.

The Think-tank was known as the Hill-Billies and was an unmitigated disaster, and reminded me why I was quite relieved to leave the world of IT when I did, some 10 years ago

But at least 2 good things came out of it. Here’s one of them

Hillbillie Blues
Oh!! Come let me tell you of heroes and thieves
Of bravery and cowardice you would not believe
Of working so hard that you lose who you are
And murder your lover because she’s the Star

Come lift up your glasses to idiots and dolts
Who take all the credit for being at fault
And ask why you’re leaving when you are First Class
And think that know their elbow from their arse

When hatred is love and loyalty is stupid
And love is for dreamers and followers of Cupid
When you’re in this world, I warn you: Beware
For men get the glory and women don’t care

For I’ve lived in this world, but just for a week
Where mind-games are played while you play hide-and-seek
There’s danger here certainly just take a peek
At the blood on the tracks and the dead body’s reek

So lift up your glasses and let’s have a toast
To heroes and lovers who gave you their most
While weeping inside as their world crashes down
As the circus moves on to the next sleepy town
And cowards daren’t look in the eyes of the clown

For I am Lord Janus, the God of the Gates
And portals and hourglasses and chaotic states
When love is for losers it just demonstrates
How fucked up this world is, and so full of hate

copyright Ian Cropton 19 July 2015



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