The Toffee-Nosed Bugle – afternoon edition

Excitement is mounting in the Toffee-Nose Street (TOFFS) social club, otherwise trading as Waitrose. Overheard in one of the aisles:

Mrs DWP: Ah there you are Betsy, what did you think of that young miladdio eeyorn the space donkey’s idea for a get-together, barbecue and star-watching session?

Mrs IDS: I think its a lovely idea, Iain’s been under so much pressure lately, covering up for everyone else’s incompetence. He deserves a nice change. And he quite likes whizz-bangs and magic

Mrs DWP: Oh good I’m soo glad you’ll come along. Perhaps we could get Iain to open a Rose Garden or something? It all helps to keep the PR boys happy

Mrs IDS: Oh I’m sure he’d like that. Poor things been looking a bit hangdog lately. Much prefers to be the Cheshire Cat. Anyway can’t stop. Iain will insist on presenting himself as a loving father and family man, so I’d better dash and go pick the brats up from school.

Toodle pip!!!

Van Morrison – And it Stoned Me


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