Open Letter to the Labour Party and its supporters

It may surprise you to learn that despite being a member of the Green Party I take an interest in the goings-on in the other parties, particularly the Lib-Dems and Labour Party, who in a sane world would be our natural allies. I’m lucky enough to count amongst my real and imaginary friends, people with a range of left and right wing views, and they all speak their own truth, and all of it has merit, in my opinion. It may not jive with my own version of the truth, but that’s OK, because its allowed to. In fact it has to be this way.

As I’m a Green Party supporter and activist I won’t have a say on the upcoming Leadership election.

But as a long-time Labour voter, who counts 2 coal-miners, a London trolley-bus driver, a master bricklayer, a master builder and 4 WWII soldiers amongst my elder relatives and who considers himself a friend of the Labour Party, please could I make this appeal:

Please elect Michael Meacher as your new leader. Our country needs his wisdom, humanity, decency and experience in dealing with what is probably going to be the most brutal, vicious, and painstakingly obviously corrupt government that this country has ever had to to deal with.

And please elect Dennis Skinner as his Deputy


This blog started with the title ‘Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm‘, which is the title of one of Joni Mitchell’s later albums. I still think its apposite. This is a track from the album

Joni Mitchell – Lakota


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