One and one is three

eeyorn the space donkey addresses the Galactic Binary 101 class:

The binary sequence of numbers is a highly well crafted tool used by all sentient species across the galaxy to communicate, teach and learn about advanced technology, and establish new areas of growth.

It is quite literally the language of life, the universe and everything. The basic idea is that the sequence consists of an increasing set of numbers, all represented by ‘bits’ of knowledge, where each bit can be set to on or off.

And it works like this

0000 – zero
0001 – one
0010 – two
0011 – three
0100 – four
0101 – five
0110 – six
0111 – seven
1000 – eight

You should be able to see that with 4 short flashes, you can communicate up 16 different numbers, from 0000-1111, and if you increase it to 8 flashes you can communicate up to 256 different numbers. Working with 8 ‘bit’ binary numbers we use the hexadecimal notation to define numbers of nine(decimal) and above to be A=10, B=11 and throgh to F=15, and so the range of numbers available is 00-FF.

You should also see that the sequence, even over 8 bits, yields a very easy to identify pattern, and so it should be no surprise that this is the exact pattern that is being sought in our search for extra-terrestrial life.

And also, its an easy way to announce that we’ve recieved the wisdom of the sequence, and understand its many teaching qualities:

The basic points, shapes and surfaces that are the basis of geometry and so much other maths and science that hangs off it

The basic blueprint for the formation of the chemical elements

The basic blueprint for the growth of life

It all starts with a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’

But just in case we havent been beaming out our own binary sequence in our seach for others, there is another aspect to the binary sequence which also acts as a communications vehicle. And that is a single flash. Or in our case, 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and many more that have been ‘safely’ detonated since. Each detonation of an atomic bomb causes a flash of electromagnetic energy to be released, and these energy bursts can be seen and analysed and will tell our alien friends exactly where we are in terms of understanding nuclear fission physics, which is one the true leaps for mankind.

We let the bombs off in 1945, 60 years ago. 60 years, travelling at light speed, might well bring in quite a few Intergalactic tourists to earth in the near future. After all, proxima Centauri, which is considered the nearest star to our sun, is only 4.2 light years away.

Paul Weller – Wishing on a Star


One comment

  1. Opher · May 19, 2015

    That works then! It flashed through the ether to my computer at the speed of light!

    All the best



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