Mystery History Lesson

eeyorn the space donkey addresses the Martian Chemistry Society:

As a trained ex-IT specialist, maths geek, one-time chemistry student and general student of science, the binary sequence fascinates me, and I went off into a reverie the other night while watching 2 friends play ‘GO’- with my thoughts  including listing out antonym pairs, and then taking a sharp left turn into chemical periodicity as graphically suggested by the periodic table. And here’s what I arrived at:

The Chemist’s Bible:

In the beginning there was this lonely neutron wandering about the universe and checking into all the bars, hoping to find someone to chat to, and have a good excuse to get smashed as rats with via a suitable blend of mutually injested intoxicants. gender.publication1

And if they were really lucky, they might even meet up with Elektra or one of her friends. Then the sparks would really fly!!!

And. as luck would have it, there were indeed other lonely neutrons out there who eventually met and became friends and started to grow into a self-help colony of neutrons, protons, anti-protons, Hydrogen and Helium familes along with the various members of the Galactic Electrical Conductivity Union including electrons, positrons and various metals which were built out of interesting multiples of the hydrogen atom , calling the colony  Solomon Island.  After several more years of sustained growth, it became obvious that the Solomon Islanders working together, could offer a good sustainable energy service. And so they did. And things really took off when thet went public!!!!!

Anyway,  the Solomon Islanders followed their ‘Idiots Guide to Solar Systems’ to the letter and soon had a thriving system growing nicely, with a good head of solar plasma and mercury for electrical conductance at one end, the living quarters in the middle and the great stores of hydrogen and methane ready for when it was time to move on to the next frontier.


The Pretenders – Mystery Achievement


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