Diamonds in the Mine Or Mined

‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’.

Isaac Newton

I’ve been thinking a lot about growth of late, and as happens frequently to me when I’m in that mode, little hints from here and there float in and you begin to see a new picture emerging.

This is of course exactly the same process as has happened in the minds of various psychopaths over the years, so I’ll quite understand if you treat the following psychobabble with a pinch of salt.


But here’s a couple of nuggets to be going on with.
My grandfather was a coal miner. He worked in the longshaft mines on the Kent coast, digging into the coal seams underneath the English channel. The picture of how a deepshaft mine develops came to me today, and is a brilliant metaphor for how knowledge gets extended. Of course there are brilliant men like Prof Stephen Hawkings and Dr Sheldon Cooper who will always be ahead of the pack. But each new discovery is usually found as the result of a previous discovery. Einstein’s great works followed on from the works of his predecessors as does Tesla’s. Tesla was by far the most revoutionary thinker, which Einstein freely acknowledged
Quote attributed to Einstein:
‘So Albert, whats it like to be the most brilliant mind in the known world?’
AE: ‘I don’t know, you should ask Tesla!!’

Tesla died penniless, his life’s work largely suppressed and he himself discredited as severely mentally ill. His early discovery of the generation of alternating electric current was stolen by Faraday, backed heavily by JP Morgan. Tesla wanted to give his idea away, patent free.

Did you know about the ‘Tesla Foundation‘ which apears to have grown out of Tesla’s work, and adheres to his humanist ideals, in sharing his work. I believe its doing very well

Leonard Cohen – Diamonds in the Mine


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