Life on Mars

eeyore rose
Eeyorn the Space Donkey was looking forward to catching up with some old friends the other night. By a happy coincidence, he and those friends of his living on Mars all had some good news from the local flower shop, and they arranged to get together after each picking up their new buds.  eeyorn lived a couple of hours outside of Lowell City, so was the last one to arrrive.

Which was a shame really, because now that he was getting on years, he was finding that on long journeys he was often spending his time clenching his sphincter and hoping for the best towards the end of a journey. Alas, it was not to be, and after a quick hello to his host he sidled sheepishly into the bathroom to clean himself up. Its rare to catch a Space Donkey looking sheepish but at least the old boy’s shape-shifting skills were still holding up.

Eventually a much relieved Space Donkey emerges, says hi to the guys and plonks himself down on the chair waiting for him. And soon they were all off, either shooting the Martian breeze or pissing in the Solar Wind. But as it was night-time they had to settle for the radioactive bombsite that eeyorn had just left behind him.

After talking Pollux for an hour or so, eeyorn had to pop out to see some other friends, but promised to return. Meanwhle, his friend from 16th Century Stratford-Upon-Avon, known as ‘Brummy Dave’ or ‘Dive the Spice Pilot’ to his friends, needed to take off.

And so, eeyorn’s other 2 friends settled down to play another board of ‘The Game of Life’, which Earthlings know as the Far Eastern tile based game GO.

to be continued, with luck

David Bowie, ‘Life on Mars’


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