Go your own way pt 2

Last night as I headed off home I called into Tesco’s as I needed petrol.

There was just myself and a black car in the next bay. As I got out to get enough petrol to get me home, the guy from other car comes over.

‘Excuse me sir, it don’t take cash at this time?’
‘uhhh, no mate I think its 10pm they shut, you have to do it by card after that’

‘I have no card, Could yoou please help me Sir? He had 2 tenners in his hand
I give you 20 pounds, you pay for it by card?’

I confess I was torn between admiration for him asking for help like that. an idea that would probably not even occur to most Brits, I guess, and I placed him as Polish.

Of course, I was also mindful that this could easily be a scam for passing false banknotes and I could even wind up with some Cold steel through my heart, the way things were shaping up. But the guy did seem genuine enough and so I agreed and went to put my own fuel in when I remembered I only had a tenner left in my bank account. So turned round and explained the situation.

‘OK, I give you 10 pounds, you buy me 10 pound petrol on your credit card’

‘Yes, I’d be glad to do that’. And so we did. We shook hands after and he thanked me and we both wished each other well, and I’m here to tell the Tail’

And before the naysayers chip in, I don’t care if I’m a tenner down on the deal.

Its good to reach out, and help others whenever you can. Its a Buddhist maxim I’m becoming attuned to, and I make no apologies if I appear naive.

If nothing else, the gift is in the giving


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