GreenMedInfo 5-6-15… “Monsanto’s Losing Battle Against GMO Labeling”

Monsanto struggling 🙂

Kauilapele's Blog

gmo_free_from_greenmedinfo_1This article may be helpful to some who may find themselves in a “GMO is taking over the world” state of mind. I feel it is very important to see and embrace the positive steps we have made in confronting and dissolving the GMO paradigm. Let’s keep it up!!

The positive points:

  1. …the referendums, the endless pro-GMO commercials, and the enormous sums spent to defeat something that seemed like a very reasonable idea, made the national news and seemed to raise consciousness and concern across the country…
  2. …some grassroots businesses decided that giving their customers the non-GMO they demanded could be a profitable and winning proposition…
  3. Organic foods, which result in non-GMOs without any fight over labeling, is making a major appearance at grocery store chains like Kroger… Kroger, an early convert to organics, has become the talk of the industry as its organic selection, variety and profitability jumps.
  4. Chipotle……

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