Beat the Retreat, part 2

I am not surprised at the level of anger being displayed by people on Facebook, and the wider blogosphere, at Ca-Moron’s apalling victory. Mostly I sense a deep anger that the election somehow got ‘fixed’.

Well I did hear of a lorry getting hijacked in Hampshire which contained 200,000 postal vote forms, and that certainly may have part of the cunning plan. But mostly, the dreaded ‘Sheeple’ get the blame.

I say ‘Bollocks’ to that.

The fact is, Ca-Moron and his evil PR-Wizard (not that Ca-Moron himself is no slouch at smoke’n’mirrors wizardry), planned the whole campaign very carefully, and followed his plan unwaveringly. Let me walk you through it:

On the face of it, the Tories should not have increased their vote, after 5 years of acting like real bastards. And so they targeted their ex-partners heartlands and worked hard to discredit them.

1. In the south-west, the Tories spoke to the farmers and realised that transportation was a big issue. And so they offered to build major new road down through to Cornwall. It may even happen, now that they’ve got in. Of course, Joe Public will be conned into paying for it while Lord McAlpine and/or his pals will pocket the profits. Net result: The Lib-Dem vote collapsed, and the West Country went Blue.

2. In Scotland, there was a very real danger that many would vote Labour as a tactical bid to oust the sitting Lib-Dems, and had Labour  won most of the Scottish seats, they would have certainly got a majority in the London parliament, assuming they held onto all their safe seats in England and Wales.

Ca-Morons solutions:
a. Smear Labour with the charge of economic responsibility, conveniently forgetting that the UK financial crisis was caused by the Global banking sub-prime mortgages Ponzi scam. The UK banks began being deregulated under Thatcher, and Gordon Brown allowed things to slide even further, though I’ve no doubt that this was as a result of intense lobbying from the American corporate banks, and the advice of the Tory waste of space, Sir Mervyn King, who was Governor of the Bank of England at the time.

However, if the Tories had been in charge, I’ve no doubt that deregularisation would have proceeded at an even faster pace. In any event, Gordon Brown took best advice when the shit hit the fan, and made the decision to bail out the UK Banks and gained cross-party support in doing so. This means that in all probability, both Ca-Moron and George Osbourne voted FOR the measures, AND WOULD HAVE MADE EXACTLY THE SAME DECISION HAD THEY BEEN IN POWER.

Thus, Labour’s alleged ‘financial irresponsibility’ comes down to doing exactly what the Tories would have done if they were in power.

I realise that all of the above is difficult to compress into the soudbites required by modern news reporting, but I have no idea why Ed Miliband didnt at least have a shot at it. Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and the other anti-austerity parties covered a lot of the ground for him. He’s alleged to be an intelligent man…..why did he not argue his corner?

b. Ca-Moron and his pals in the media, began to stir up anti-Scottish resentments in the UK by accusing the the SNP of being the party committed to Scottish independance, and of wanting to ditch Trident, our alleged ‘independant nuclear deterrent’.

Total hogwash again. But with suspicious reports inserted into the media of Russian planes flying close to UK airspace around Cornwall, and the total bollocks that is the Western narrative on Russia’s  alleged dispute with the Ukraine, Joe Public was convinced that we needed to hold onto ‘our independant nuclear deterrent’.

FACT01: The Ukraine crisis was precipitated by CIA-backed forces overthrowing the democratically elected government in the Ukraine. The original government wanted to trade both with Russia and Europe, but no that wasn’t good enough for our American cousins who preferred to have a Ukraine at loggerheads with Russia. And so they escalated the civil war and blamed it on those horrible Russkies

FACT02: The strategic naval base at Crimea has always been ethnically Russian, and so it was natural for Russia to insist that it remains part of Russia.

FACT03: Despite assurances that the American deployment of ‘Missile shields’ around Russia’s borderering neighbours were alleged to be only defensive in capability, they ring-fenced Russia and there’s no reason why they couldn’t be used in an offensive capacity. Also, the whole ‘Defensive shield’ project was in direct contravention of a Treaty signed between the US and Russia, in which the US undertook not to threaten Russian soil or site offensive capabilities on its borders.

FACT04: Despite all of the above provocative aggravations, Putin has played a passive, defensive game and allowed the US far more leeway than I think I could have managed
in defending his country. He has not said ‘I’ve had enough of this bollocks’ and pressed the red button. Instead, he has calmly explained why Russia is not happy with the situation and invited the Yanks to do something about it.

FACT05: The Yanks responded by starting to demonise Putin. Now don’t get me wrong, Putin’s record on human rights, particularly with regard to LGBT issues is not great. But in defence of his country, he’s done well to avoid the conflict that the Yanks were trying to goad him into.

FACT06: The UK’s alleged independant nuclear deterrent is neither independant, nor is it a deterrent. It may have been a deterrent during the Cold War but its long past its sell-by date.  In the event of a nuclear war with Russia, far more of the UK would be devastated than Trident’s capability for damage onto Russia. And also, Trident is maintained by specially trained US personnel, and its deployment requires agreement from the US.

So its self-evidently not independant.

And once again, Ed Miliband went along with the US narrative and left it to Natalie Bennett to argue against Trident, primarily on cost grounds alone. It is a useless white elephant and should be scrapped.

FACT07: Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader, has made it clear throughout the election campaign, that a vote for the SNP was not a vote for Scottish Independance. She did however argue that the money earmarked for the upgrade and continued maintaince of Trident, reckoned to be around 100 BILLION pounds, could be better spent investing in Scottish infrastructure and job-creation. Ed’s answer? A very public refusal on BBC’s Question Time to go into partnership with her.

And this played right into Tory hands. They went into overdrive in telling the lie that an SNP vote was a vote for independance, and also played on the fear that should Ed get his projected share of the vote, he would still have to strike a deal with the SNP to get a majority to create a viable government.

Why not admit the truth Ed? Why go along with the lies?

FACT08: Ed again shot himself in the foot, when an alleged ‘undecided’ voter sprang a sucker punch which he walked right into. Citing an alleged note left from the Labour Chancellor to the incoming George Osbourne stating ‘there is no money left’, Ed’s response was to attempt to laugh it off as a ‘Joke’. Again, why not admit the truth, and come out with guns blazing? Instead, he just came off as an ill-informed twat. No wonder he stumbled as he exited the stage. So many lost opportunities.

The sorry fact is that election campaigns are won and lost primarily on how each leader performs in the media. The Green Party and the Lib-Dems were the only parties that tried to build a rapport with Joe Public by knocking on doors and talking to ordinary people, explaining their policies. It worked well for the Greens, but the Lib-Dem brand was fatally toxic due to their support for the iniquitous policies of the Tories last time round. And it has to be said, the Green vote would have probably been even better had media-savvy Caroline Lucas been our Leader.

Be that as it may, I was appalled by Ed’s naivety and his readiness to go along with the Tory bullshit. And in, hindsight, I can’t say I’m surprised that the Tories won through.

To blame the result on ‘the sheeple’ is a cop-out, in my opinion. The fact is, that Labour has for some time now, not represented, defended or even attempted to engage with the views of the common working man or woman. And for that, we’re all going to pay a very heavy price.

Richard Thompson: Time to Ring some Changes


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