A New England

I have no words to express my sorrow for the way England will go now that Ca-Moron has got back in.

Only a couple of redeeming features:
Esther McVeigh and Nigel Farage got the boot
Caroline Lucas and Dennis Skinner got re-elected
The LibDems got creamed and their Leader humiliated
An astonishing performance by the SNP, which will have wide repurcussions (he said hopefully)
Most of London went Red again
Green vote nationally was much improved with almost 1M voting for us

I hope we’ll see a different picture with the Borough Councils, where people will have voted with their hearts, rather than their brainwashed numbskulls.

The battles over, but the war’s only just beginning

It aint over till the large soprano sings

Kirsty MacColl: A New England



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