The Emperor’s New Clothes

I’ve become very disenchanted with Facebook lately. For one thing, the whole point for me joining was the vast potential of minds that might be swayed, if they only had the true facts available. I’ve built up a large collection of sites that, to my mind, speak the truth. When I joined Facebook, it seemed to me, all I needed to do was build up a large base of friends, pump the articles out that seemed truthful, and hopefully they would all go viral, given that I’ve so far befriended almost a 1,000 like minded souls.

I’ve been an armchair activist for about 15 years now, and had done much the same thing on Myspace.

Not a bit of it, I don’t think I’ve come anywhere near achieving my goal. And that was before Zuckerberg made the executive decision to limit the traffic flow.

And then, just recently Zuckerberg has handed down an edict that all personal  accounts should be associated with people’s real names.  Not a problem for myself personally, I have always assumed that no matter how you try to hide, the spooks wil find you if they need to. I’ve semi-hid under my nickname of ‘eeyorn’ for many years, but am under no illusion that the facade was easily penetrable. And so I display my real name on my FB account, though the actual account name is ‘eeyorn’.

But that doesnt jive well with a couple of good FB friends.

One, like me, has fought with mental illness for most of his life, and wasn’t ready to come out and reveal his true name for fear of the the extra pressure that would cause him. He didn’t get the choice, because with his allegedly outspoken views(read dissent against Tory policies, particularly with regard to the sick and disabled), he got targeted by some paid shills who complained to Zuckerberg in sufficient numbers to get his account closed down. Worse, when he tried to rejoin FB, the buggers insisted on him sending a copy of his birth certificate and only allowing him back on if he used his real name.

And then there’s the case of a female friend of mine who had fled to the Far East after her psychotic but extremely wealthy boyfriend went beyond the pale, and she finally realised that the relationship could only end in tears.

I’ve heard that Native Americans are facing similar grief, as FB wont accept their Native names. It’s all fucked up, and one can only think that Zuckerberg is either an immature twerp who hasnt the capacity to think things through, or its entirely deliberate.

This was not a problem for our unbeloved PM David Ca-Moron, who sets a new low standard in how to be a human. The man is a congenital liar and con-artist, and from my experience of mental illness, should probably be locked up in Broadmoor or Rampton Prison, such is the level of his depravity and psychosis.

But no matter, he puffed up his feathers and launched himself onto the FB stage with his ‘Politcian’ page, no doubt expecting sycophantic adoration of every pronouncement he made.

Well there is a good deal of mindless sycophancy to be had there, to be sure.
But surprisingly, there is a much larger body of people who have liked his page and thus earned the right to contest every bullshitty thing he comes up with. And they do, with gusto.

It makes quite fun reading, if you’re in that kind of mood. Personally, I laughed hysterically at the way he was torn to pieces in the early days, but havent bothered much with his page until very recently. For one thing, Zuckerberg’s traffic control meant that I rarely got notifications of Ca-Moron’s latest inane pronouncements amid the mix of more intelligent stuff that found its way into my feed.

And then, with the UK election looming, all that changed, and every pronouncement from Ca-Moron magically appeared in my feed. I of course ignored them, having much better things to do with my time, but yesterday 3rd May I offered some strong rebuttals to 2 assertions that he made,

1. That Labour had fucked up the economy in their last term, and could be trusted to do so again if they were re-elected, and

2. The Tories are doing all they can to fight poverty, and looking after the sick and disabled and a vote for Labour was a vote for increasing poverty in the country.

Both blatant falsehoods, but such is the grip of of the Tories over the UK media, with Rupert Murdoch’s pervasive influence especially potent, that these lies have been spouted so often that they have become part of the national consciousness. And the Labour party and Ed Miliband in particular, hasnt provided much in the way of any opposition to these lies.

First taking on Ca-Moron’s claims to be the protector of the Welfare State, my immediate thought was to post a little limerick I had written for him in Dec 2012. As luck would have it, I had been in the process of collecting together a series of
‘Pomes of the Day’ that I wrote during this period, and they should all appear in a blog quite soon.

My ode to Ca-Moron was the first in the series, and on rereading it I thought it held up rather well.

There once was a fellow named Dave
Who was noble and terribly brave
The sick and the scroungers
He forced off their loungers
And hounded them into the grave

This of course stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest and got the trolls attentions, and out they came swarming. Interestingly, many of their comments had been removed by today, but the typical reaction was ‘Oh you’re voting Green so that makes you an idiot’

I gave the trolls time to vent their spleens, and headed over to the other blogpost and did Labour’s job for them, and put the case for the opposition:

That Labour HAD in fact been fiscally responsible during their last term and that it was the world banking community who had not. And though Labour had taken the decision to bail out the UK banks, the decision had been based on best advice available at the time and had been given wide cross party support, including no doubt Mr Cameron’s own vote. Thus if any mistake had been made, the responsibilty for it was not Labour’s alone and had the Tories been in power, they would have taken the exactly the same decision.

And again off went the trolls:
‘Oh you’re a Green party supporter, your economic policies are dangerous drivel’.
You get the idea.

Only one of Cameron’s supporters actually tried to engage with my statements, while many more dissenters supported me and threw in their twopennyworth. The actual discussion, such as it was, was a string of more lies and smears, all of which I calmly shot down in flames.

Another voice then added that ‘We were told that UK would have gone bankrupt had we not bailed out the banks’ to which my easy response was ‘What, like Iceland?’ but that clearly went over everyone’s heads. And so I laid out how Iceland had chosen to not bail out its banks, and now had a thriving economy, with a good number of their bankers in jail for fraud and other financial illegalities, which got a lot of support from the dissenters, but no response from the Tory supporters. Instead they put the sycophancy engine into overdrive and forced my comments way down the page.

To their credit or more likely because they haven’t got a clue how to use Facebook, none of my comments have been deleted, and what with the support my initial statements gained it means that they now stand at the top of the page as ‘most relevant’ .

And then I returned to the ‘We’re the best party for the sick and poor’ thread, where I offered them the Trussell Trust’s figures on foodbank usage, and Black Triangle’s figures FOR JUST ONE YEAR alone of an estimated 10,600 deaths of disabled people which had occurred within 6 weeks of the person getting sanctioned and losing their only income.

‘Oh the Trussell figures are wildly inaccurate’ and ‘Black Triangle’ – Black Lies more like

So I calmly asked how they knew they were lies, given that Mr Duncan-Smith, the minister responsible, has consistently refused to publish the official figures. He’s now been instructed to do so by the UK judiciary but I’m guessing they won’t surface until the election’s over, assuming that he doesnt try to waste more taxpayer’s money on appealing against the decision. The man is a certifiable psychopath in my opinion, but it doesnt seem to be the prevailing belief amongst the Tory faithful.

I returned to the original post where there was still no rebuttal of my statements, but a recent troll had posted ‘You dont expect anyone to take you seriously when you’re happy to waste your vote on the Greens?’ to which I replied ‘well better to vote Green than for this bunch of conmen and murderers’ and didnt wait to hear their replies. That troll’s comment has subsequently been deleted.

Needless to say, no cogent repudiation of my statements was offered, and they are  now buried in a sea of sycophancy.

By this time I had to leave to go canvassing, where whenever we get to engage with people, we find universal hatred for what the Tories and their Lib-Dem partners have wreaked on this country, even from many who admit they voted Tory or Lib-Dem last last time round.

Is it all down to cognitive dissonance or just inbred stupidity that so many Tory voters can’t or won’t see the wood for the trees? I like to think that my little foray into their fan page has burst a few bubbles, but I have to admit its tiring work wading through all the treacle and blinkered, clueless selfishness.

This morning as I began to complete this piece, I wasnt able to access the Cameron page on FB, or write any posts to my wall. I immediately began to suspect that my accusations of mass murder had led to to me being in the process of being blocked by FB, as I was able to chat with friends on their personal accounts and post to other Pages. But the glitch seems to have gone away now, so I took the liberty of returning to the Cameron page, throw in another little barb, and take a nice series of photos of the 2 threads just in case they do figure out how to delete my comments, and there will be a link to them here once I get all the pics resized and uploaded. I’ve also archived my FB account and left word with friends in case I get disappeared off Facebook.

Mr Cameron’s page is here:

and here are the threads:

And here are some links that I posted, or were posted by other dissenters

UK foodbank usage

Black Triangle – Deaths of the sick and disabled within 6 weeks of being sanctioned and having their benefits withdrawn for the year 2011-12 

Mervyn King, ex Bank of England Governor, who was in office at the time, on the world banking crisis:

Death of a diabetic ex-soldier who was sanctioned shortly after his mother(who he had been caring for) died

and finally here’s one that I didnt post because of the strong language, but this guy is absolutely spot on:


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