Janner and beyond

In a recent blogpost on The Coleman Experience website, he suggests that most members of the worldwide paedophilic fraternity are secret adherents to ancient teachings in the Talmud, the central text and basis of Law within Rabbinic Judaism.

The link to the full blog is below, and its well worth a read. Its a very long and detailed joining of the dots ranging from Greville Janner, Frank Beck(the man who ended up getting convicted, jailed and probably murdered in prison when the accusations against Janner first surfaced), Janner’s connections with the rich and powerful, including the Blairs and Margaret Thatcher, and other senior MP‘s, Jimmy Saville and other high-profile entertainers, to the assassination of BBC presenter Jill Dando, who it is widely believed was ready to go public with an exposure of Saville and the BBC paedophilia network, and detailing the corruption rife in the UK’s Social Services, the Judiciary and the Police Service. It paints a very frightening picture.


And then, right at end of the blog, he has a notes section where he makes the connection with the Talmudic teachings, amongst which (and I’m paraphrasing here):

1. ALL Gentiles are vermin and should be treated as such, including killing them

2. Its OK to not pay a Gentile for his work
3. Its OK to have sex with Gentile boys under the age of 9

4. Its OK to have sex with Gentile girls aged 3 and above
5. Its OK to lie to Gentiles

Coleman cites specific lines from the Talmud, and they all check out as accurate. Coming from a Christian upbringing, I immediately thought of the Leviticus stricture against homosexuality, which has caused so much devisiveness within the Christan world, while most of the rest of the book is a dog’s breakfast of stupid strictures which are largely ignored.

Now, I have 2 good real-life friends whose parents are Jewish, who I’m pretty sure don’t follow any of these teachings and I’m happy to believe that many that have been brought up in Jewish households in recent years don’t subscribe to these teachings. But if we accept that there are Jews who do subscribe to everything written in the Talmud (and its a requirement for Hassidic and Orthodox Jews to do so) then the actions of the state of Israel against Palestinians and their hatred for strong Islamic countries in general becomes a lot clearer. As does the actions of the many paedophiles amongst the rich and powerful. And for that matter, would be the reason why the Jews of the day had the man known as Jesus Christ convicted and crucified. The Talmud has some very spiteful things to say about Jesus and his mother Mary, and regards Mary as a harlot and thus a lapsed Jew and her son as the bastard son of a Jew and Gentile, and doubly bad as a result of his mother’s lapse.

But that’s not my main thesis.

Closely aligned to paedophilia is the concept of pederastry, which is a relationship between an older man and a pre-pubescent or adolescent young man. In ancient times, the relationship was regarded as beneficial to both parties, in that the elder man passes on his knowledge to the younger, and achieves spiritual growth in the teaching. And the young man also benefits from the patronage and knowledge given to him by the older man. Within a pederastric relationship, homosexual sex was frequently part of ‘the knowledge’ that was passed on. Such relationships were commonplace in Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, and have continued to this day. It is the kind of relationship favoured by Oscar Wilde amongst others.

And so to my own bit of dot-joining.

For most of my life, I’ve lived with effects of deep-seated PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). In my case, I witnessed the death of my younger brother in a horrific freak road accident on our way to school. I was 9 at the time. It was thought best that I didnt attend the funeral, and although it was suggested that I might benefit from being seen by an Educational Psychologist, our local GP advised against it, preferring to let me ‘get over it’ in my own good time. I became incredibly introverted for many years and was still barely sociable and very awkward when I made it into University. By this time I had developed a very strong liking for good beer and lots of it, and hash.

Given free rein at University, I got wrecked as often as possible, and in hindsight it was no surprise that I flunked at the end of my first year. Oblivion was soo much nicer than living with the self-loathing. suppressed grief and guilt I had bottled up inside me. After a couple of years in a dead-end job, I started to take courses in computer appreciation and then computer programming and I took it like a duck to water and never looked back. I worked in the IT industry for almost 25 years,
and became a very competent IT Technical Specialist and Project Manager.

But the PTSD was always festering away and I finally had my first nervous breakdown at the age of 35, just as my 1st marriage was falling apart. It was only then that I received psychiatric counselling and encouraged to grieve for my dead brother. Which I did, to a certain extent. The years had dulled the pain and crying out my grief was difficult by then. Crying has always been difficult for me, but I have got better at it in recent years. Following the counselling, I resumed my career, scaled new heights and eventually found another lovely woman to fall in love with and marry. I thought all was rosy in my world. It turned out it wasnt, and at the age of 50 I had another nervous breakdown as my 2nd marriage fell apart. It was only then that I got further counselling from a Jungian psychiatric counsellor, who finally recognised the symptoms of PTSD and helped me on my path to full recovery. I don’t believe that I’m fully recovered even now(I’m now in my early 60’s), but I continue to work at it.

My own symptoms will be fairly familiar to many other PTSD sufferers, particularly victims of physical and sexual abuse. Many of course, don’t get the necessary counselling to help them get past the self-loathing, loss of confidence and mental scars, and never make it back to sanity. But for those that do, I do believe that you come out of it much stronger.

And so to my thesis:

The victims of sexual or physical abuse, or emotional trauma will of necessity live with depression, anxiety, sleepnessness, substance abuse, emotional and communicational problems and suicidal tendencies unless and until they get good psychiatric and perhaps medical assistance. But if they do find their way back to sanity, they can become a lot stronger for it.

But what of the perpetrators of the violence?
By converse, they achieve a heightened sense of self-worth and emotional growth, and may go on to achieve great things as a result. But with it comes greater and greater self-delusion as they attempt to ignore the consequences of their actions. One can only conclude, that they’ll also plummet into the deepest depths of insanity sooner or later though.

May they all rot in hell

24 April 2015:
Here’s some further useful reading about the Janner case:

and in recent news, despite Janner’s alleged dementia, he was apparently sound of mind enough to write the House of Lords only recently to request that he holds on to his seat for another 6 months:



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