Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I like to write about stuff that I come across, along with occasional rants, philosophical blatherings and bits of fiction. Every now and then, poetry comes out of me from nowhere.

I also take some nice photos once in while, though I just use a fairly standard mobile phone, digital camera and more recently a Samsung tablet. My cover photo, which seems to have been shared widely around the net, was taken close to Ramelton in Co. Donegal while taking my dogs out for an early morning walk in 2003. The view is over Lough Swilly towards Buncrannan.

I’ve been blogging on various social media sites since 2001, and ‘eeyorn the space donkey’ was one of my nomme-de-plumes on Myspace. I had the idea of writing some short stories based on the premise that AA Milnes character eeyore was in fact a highly intelligent space traveller sent to Earth to see if the planet was ready to be accepted into the Galactic Confederation. There are or were a few early attempts posted to my Myspace account. I may go back and dig them up soon, if only I could remember my Myspace password, lol. A good Myspace friend in Wisconsin, USA made the nice photoshopped pic for me to go with the stories


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